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Our History 

Black Diamonds is a Rock band from Haverhill, MA that started back in February of 2009. Since, they have accomplished tours across the US, Canada and Germany, as well as performances at the House of Blues in Boston, the Boston Hard Rock Cafe, Earthfest, and the Topsfield Fair.Black Diamonds are also holders of a Guinness World Record for the youngest professional rockband!

After originally forming as a cover band, AJ Marks, lead singer, Henry McIntyre, guitarist, Wolfgang, bassist, and Nick Calnan, drummer, have progressed to writing and recording their own original songs with 2 released EP’s.

The sound pays homage to the 80’s rock-n-roll they started off covering with a modernized twist, mixing that sound with modern harmonies, pop-centric guitar and vocal riffs, and atypical lyrical themes. Songs such as “Live or Die” and “My Religion” highlight the group’s hard rock format with thick, meaty guitars and soaring vocals, while the tracks “Out For Me” and “Medicine” keep the sound of the band, but accentuate the brighter side of their catalog that could fall in line with pop radio just as well as it could with rock stations.

With over half a decade under their belt, the chemistry between the boys, made up of all original members, proves an undeniable brotherhood between the four non-related musicians. In every one of their performances, the stage presence is very apparent and it’s clear that Black Diamonds is a stage act that demands attention from the audience. Whether it be a packed rock club, a small bar or a music festival, their three-digit resume of shows is undeniably impressive.

AJ -Vocals


AJ has always had his heart set on music, despite a strong sports background as a child. Be it singing, dancing, or performing in musical theatre pieces. When he was asked to be a member of the Black Diamonds, he never anticipated their long running success and growth. However, he could not be more thrilled that the band has become such an integral part of his life.

AJ has a broad background in the arts, performing in musicals and an a capella group as well. He derives influence from Greg Kurstin, Sia, Max Martin, Will.I.Am, Kesha, Maroon 5, and Wallpaper. When not focused on music though he enjoys directing and screenwriting, and hopes to someday work for Billboard.

When not with the band AJ loves to spend time driving, and making films. He lives to both seek out, and create inspiration.  AJ is currently attending Paul McCartney’s “Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts”.

Henry- Guitar

12660305_201180790233919_1595058972_nHenry has been playing the guitar since 2009. Henry was first inspired to play when his father introduced him to the music of The Who. He began to idolize the work of Pete Townshend. When he was 9 years old he first felt the desire to get on a stage and get his music out there. He joined with his band mates to form Black Diamonds soon after, and has never looked back. Henry does some singing in the band as well, and has practiced many other instruments, but the guitar is his true passion.

When he’s not on stage, Henry enjoys playing baseball, snowboarding and listening to music. Henry’s first favorite musical artist was Garth Brooks, though his current influences are far from country. They include Noel Gallagher, of Oasis, Pete Townshend, of The Who, The Libertines, The Beatles, The Strokes, and Nirvana. Henry has a love of classic style, fused with contemporary energy, and loves getting that vibe out with his music.

Wolfgang – Bass


Wolfgang is the youngest member of Black Diamonds and started playing bass at the age of 7. He has also studied the drums, and is currently teaching himself to play the piano. He can also be heard singing the gang vocals in the band, and loves to study music as much as he loves to perform.
Wolfgang draws inspiration for the Black Diamonds from artists in all genres. With a very eclectic taste you could find him taking pointers from Mozart one minute, and jamming to Guns N Roses the next. He believes that fusion is the fuel for new and unheard music.
Wolfgang is a huge fan of skating, hockey, snowboarding, and travel. He loves the hotels while on the road for shows, and his favorite was in Atlanta.





Nick has been playing the drums since 2008. He was inspired to pick up the instrument by his grandfather, who is also a drummer. The beat was in his blood.

In 2009, Nick joined the Black Diamonds, and has never looked back. He finds each new challenge and accomplishment to be a driving force in his life, and can’t fathom what his life would be like without music. He sometimes thinks that if he did not have the band, he would consider becoming a tattoo artist, he loves the artwork and precision.

When not practicing and performing, Nick enjoys snowboarding. He loves taking trips to the black diamond runs with the rest of the band.

Nicks musical influences include his grandfather, Neil Peart, and A Day To Remember.  Nick loves teaching and is valued member of the DeAngelis Studio of Music staff.

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